So Long Goodbye

Well my friends, the time has come.  I have decided not to blog with WordPress any longer.  It seems the more I hang on to this blog, the more frustrated I get.  I’m a simple girl and maybe WP just has too many bells and whistles that I’m not sure how to use or the ones I’d like to use, they want me to pay for it, where other blogging services do not.    I like to post videos and pictures and WP does not make that very easy to do, unfortunately, but I won’t sit here and bad mouth WP, its done me well for quite  some time.  Wow….over a year, acutally.

So anyway, I’m not saying “goodbye”, not really.  I’m moving all of my posts over to Blogger and changing the name to Whispering In Silence, and continuing on there.  How Sweet It Is….well it’s just too sweet and not everything in life is as such, so its time for a change.   I hope you will follow me here ~~~>

I will close with a cute little video that made me smile when I saw it, (because it starts out showing a bunneh and towards the end there is a turtle! Yah!  Love that!!) and of course the song that plays with it, fits.  Its So Long Goodbye by Sum 41.  Have a listen and enjoy…then come see me at my new home =)


~ by KarrieLyne on July 29, 2008.

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