Mother’s Day

My kids came home from school on Friday and each of them had a bag in their hands and a huge smile on their face. The bags were decorated ever so sweetly and you could see the anxiousness in their eyes as they handed them over to me. I told them that it wasn’t Mother’s Day yet but they said I HAD to open them now because one of them was “alive”. OK. So side with me here. A six year old boy tells you that his gift is “alive”, what comes to your mind? Is it a snake, a toad, a worm, a spider? Granted he did bring it home from school but you just never know. I carefully opened the bag, sneaking in a peek as the corner hole previewed what was inside. I saw pink and felt a TON better (who ever saw a pink snake or spider, right?)! In the bag was a clay pot that he had decorated with puffy paint and inside of that was planted a sweet pink (one of my favorite colors) flower. Along with that was a coupon book. This was a fill in the blank book where the children had to finish the sentence: “Redeem this coupon and I’ll……” His coupons said this: vacuum, do dishes, do laundry, dust, pick up sticks (remember his fascination with sticks now…lol), and the one that made me laugh so hard….15 minutes of peace and quiet!! What a kid! Thank you Bug! Love you so much!! Click HERE to see Bug’s Gift!

My daughter then hands over a pretty bag that she also decorated her self that said “Don’t touch until Mother’s Day!!” So I teased her for a bit saying, “Nope, I have to do what the bag says.” and she retorts, “I meant to write, Don’t touch until Mother’s Day unless I say otherwise”…funny girl. The bag really was adorable, besides the writing she took her time to draw flowers and butterflies and say I love you many times. She loves to draw and when she draws something for me, its special! Inside she had made a flower pot and a flower. The pot was a Styrofoam cup that she painted and decorated and a hand made flower she made out of pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Absolutely adorable! Then she wrote a poem on a Post It Note and stuck it to the inside of the flower. It read: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I haven’t met a mom as sweet as you! Love you!” She also told me she is taking me out to dinner! LOL. Thank you Freckles!! Love you so much! Click HERE to see Freckle’s gift.

I also received a nice surprise yesterday. A flower delivery! They were from my dad. Thanks Dad….it means a lot to me! Aren’t they pretty? Click HERE to see.

There is so much joy in today, being a mom to my kids. Today also brings sadness though. It makes me think of my mom and how I wish I could call her and hear her voice, tell her to have a great day and that I love her. I miss that. I miss her voice. I miss her.

It broke my heart earlier today when Bug came up to me and just gave me a hug. No reason, per say, he just hugged me and when we broke apart he had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was the matter and he said, “I miss grandma and I love you”. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. He has such a tender heart. He understands what I am missing today and he shouldn’t have to. I pulled him up in my lap and hugged him close and we cried together for a while. The thing about kids is that they recover from things much faster than we do. What I mean by that is, he pulled away from the hug and asked for a kleenex, blew his nose and started laughing. I knew better, but I asked why he was laughing and he replies, “When you cry it makes lots of snot!!”. Boys!! Gotta love ’em!

Happy Mother’s Day, and even if you are not a mother, Have a fantabulous day anyway!!

For You Mom…


~ by KarrieLyne on May 11, 2008.

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