When we begin reading blogs, we generally chose the ones to read based on similar interests that we have with the other blogger. Granted, that is not always the case, but we are usually going to chose something that is of interest to us or maybe something that we can learn from. I have found a lot that fall into both of those categories for me.

One very recent interest, cycling, has brought me to a few blogs that I never would have otherwise visited and I can say that I am so glad to have found the few that I have so far. However, I never really imagined how one particular blog could affect me so much. I began reading this blog because a friend had shared it with me because I started riding. I loved the way he wrote. He was honest, sincere, forthright, and just plain funny. So I began reading Fat Cyclist on a regular basis, even added it to my Google reader. As I read the current writings, I began going back and reading past posts, but even doing that, could not have prepared me for the post that made me sob, the post that so painfully described his wife’s battle with cancer. The attachment to his blog now, was not because I found him funny. It was because my heart went out to him and his family and friends. The attachment is on a much more personal level than I could ever imagine it to be for someone, for a family, that I have never known.

I write today in an effort to help out this family, to honor a request from a dear friend of “Fat Cyclist”. He posted a comment in his blog indicating that he is starting up a fund for Susan and to pass the word along by posting it in our own blogs. Please take a moment and read their story and if you so feel inclined, please give and if you can’t give, please keep their family in your thoughts.

How to donate: You can go to Kenny’s Website and follow the donation link there or you can donate through your Pay-Pal Account (if you don’t have one, the set up is easy and safe). The Pay Pal account is under

Another way to help out if you are into cycling or know of someone that is, would be to purchase one of the jerseys specially made for Fat Cyclist and Susan from Twin Six. ALL of the proceeds for these jerseys will go toward the needs of the family and friends giving support. They will be offered on Monday May 19th on the Twin Six website at Noon, Central Time! I will be there, will you?

Click HERE to see what the men’s and women’s jersey will look like and to read about the proceeds.

Click HERE to purchase one on May 19th!!


~ by KarrieLyne on May 8, 2008.

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