3 Weeks

Today marks three weeks since I started riding. It seems like much more time has passed than what has. However, in that three weeks, I have trucked 49 miles and have learned a lot of things in regards to cycling. Forty-nine miles in three weeks doesn’t seem like too much, as I know those that ride more than that in one morning, but, it’s still a start for me and one day….one day…I will get there too.

Right now I am happy doing my eight to nine mile rides when I am able. I would love to do it every day but its almost impossible with the kids and sports right now. There is just not enough time in the day. I am hoping soon to push my distance to 10 to 12 miles and go at least 3 times a week. Right now I am only averaging two times a week. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I have noticed the ride getting easier and each ride I shave a bit of time off so I am getting faster too (with the exception of the really windy days). Now if I could just get my odometer thingy to work, I could actually see and measure how fast I am going. I actually think it will help me push harder knowing how fast I am going and to at least keep the same pace. I find myself slowing down on the way back and have to remind myself to go faster.

I have learned, because I take the same route each time, where the easy spots are and where the most difficult parts are. I know that when the wind is hating me, where it will be a bit easier and where it will just about kill me, such as this one hill. I know that I have to go up that damn thing and it is difficult enough as it is, but when that wind blows against me I seriously think I am going to die. Today was one of those days. I already know its coming, so I mentally prepare and increase speed to help me get a good start. Just before I reach the top my legs are screaming, especially my thighs. Today they felt like they were going to implode on themselves, making me think of a possible episode for Happy Tree Friends. (Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart…heh. Don’t say I didn’t warn you first!) Well, lucky for me and my future in cycling, my legs made it, barely, to the top of that hill!! I hate that hill…

I have also learned a bit of what to wear and what not to wear ( no I am not talking about that show on TLC..lol) If its cold, I know I had better cover my ears and wear gloves or I won’t be able to feel them at rides end. Although, I need to get different gloves, the ones I have will make due but I really need something with a better grip, or just with grip, actually! I still don’t have a helmet (please don’t yell at me). I KNOW I need to get one, I just haven’t yet. If I say that I just can’t decide on a color, will that give me a pass? Pink is good, but I am kinda stuck on orange right now, or what about green? No? Yeah, well, it was worth a try. Heh…! What else? Oh….tops. Much Much better to wear a tighter fitting top to break the wind (no, not that kind of wind…sheehs), but on cold days I must wear a sweatshirt and that helps nada but it keeps me warm and in the saddle!! Today I wore a pair of pants that I will never wear again, or at least not whilst riding. They had this liner in them that kept sticking to my legs…how annoying was that? REALLY ANNOYING!!!

Oh, one more thing I have learned is how many more idiots are out there driving cars. I always knew they existed just from driving to and from work but its even worse when you are on a bike. A lot, not all, but a lot have no regard for one on a bike and that really is too bad. I am always careful, but now I realize I have to be even more cautious and be more watchful.

Ok…I have babbled on enough for one night. Thanks for reading and until next time…keep pedaling =)


~ by KarrieLyne on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “3 Weeks”

  1. Good to see you are still at it.
    People in cars are jerks to cyclists. Get a helmet and watch out for yourself. Motorists usually do not care about who has right of way. Also, get a helmet!

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