Love is Life

Hello my friends. It’s been a bit since I have been here. I guess I have writers block or something. Probably the “or something”. I really have not had anything that has struck me to write about until today. Which is funny because the inspiration was from a movie that I watched probably two weeks ago or so.

Shopgirl is the name of the movie with Claire Danes and Steve Martin, two fabulous actors. In short its about a young plain Jane woman who was struggling in life and she runs into a fifty-something wealthy man who sweeps her off of her feet. The only catch is that he is not looking for a commitment, hes basically looking for a sleeping buddy, to put it short. She, on the other hand, I believe is aware but doesn’t want to believe that is all that it is. She falls in love and desperately wants him to love her back.

This scene struck me and has stayed with me for some reason. Its a powerful scene. Heartfelt. Sad. Painful. I’ve attached the clip, it starts in at 7 minutes 30 seconds. It begins by Ray making a comment about looking for a three bedroom house in case he meets someone and has kids. Its then that Mirabelle realizes the truth and says goodbye.

  • Mirabelle: Ray? Why don’t you love me? Are you just biding your time with me?
  • Ray: I thought you understood.
  • Mirabelle: Sooo…I can either hurt now or hurt later. Now. I guess.

At the very end of the movie Ray runs into Mirabelle at an art gallery showing of hers. They talk a bit and he tells her that he is sorry for the way he treated her and that he did love her. They hug and he watches her walk away, yet again. As he does..he says to himself…

  • …he feels a loss. How is it possible, he thinks, to miss a woman who he kept at a distance, so that when she was gone, he would not miss her. Only then does he realize how wanting part of her, and not all of her, had hurt them both and how he cannot justify his actions except that, well, it was life.

Just kind of makes you think….

Until we meet again…ciao!~


~ by KarrieLyne on February 7, 2008.

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