About a week or so ago a very special friend of mine asked me if I would mind asking my children to draw pictures for soldiers over in Kandahar. Well of course I said yes as I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to share with my children what soldiers do for us and our country as well as do something really special for those soldiers. I though about it for a few days and in doing so I read a post on her blog that really touched me and made me want to help out in more ways than just sending pictures. So last weekend while we were at the grocery store, we started picking out things that we thought the men of Kandahar would enjoy. Knowing there are 19 men in this troop we wanted to choose things that they could share. My kids picked out the following (with a bit of help):

* notebook paper, pens, and envelopes to write letters home

* kleenex, Q-tips, washcloths, and antibacterial liquid

* crackers, sunflower seeds, pretzels, and raisens

* assorted candy

* two decks of playing cards and Phase 10 card game

All of this is neatly packed up in a box and is ready to ship out this week to Danny’s troop. I know that they will enjoy getting the things that we picked out and they would love to hear from any of you that would like to participate. If you do, please contact me and I will guide you to the right person that knows everything about it!!!

This is such a wonderful opportunity to teach our children the greatness of giving!!! Handpicked package to send off =)


~ by KarrieLyne on July 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Kandahar”

  1. I know the troops will enjoy the package. I loved getting boxes of goodies when I was deployed! Thanks for doing this for my fellow service members. It means so much to them!

  2. I, too, can confirm that the troops will love the stuff you send. I live in the middle east also, and even without the horror of combat I still miss stuff from home. I hope the kids got a kick out of helping out… somehow packages are always more poignant when they come from children.

  3. What a great example for your kids. When my two were little at Christmas time I would give them each $25 and tell them they could shop for the food donation boxes at school. I was impressed at what thrifty shoppers they were with their money…

    After seeing the dismal collection of books in the elementary school library we started buying books every Christmas. We would wrap them off and leave them in the hallway with a note “From Santa”. Each year had a special rubber stamp and my kids loved bringing home the books that they secretly picked out and donated to the library…

    Kids learn by example..you are setting a great one here!

  4. I’m participating too. If you enjoy doing these sorts of things (like I do) then check out eMailOurMilitary.org as well. There are so many service members looking for a little uplifting support.

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